Thursday, August 12, 2010

Elders and Jedis and Wizards, oh my!

the conference was amazing. from minute one and throughout the entire event. however on sport day it rained so hard the entire sports facility field was under 2 feet of water, so all the outdoor games could not be held. so that was a huge bummer as Adam had put so much time and effort in planning and every thing,. had several tournaments rained out, a football(soccer) tourney from each of the countries represented, a volleyball tourney, the arm wrestling was held, but all the outdoor events were cancelled. dang. other games were invented at the last minute at the hotel, there was lots of room and the kids had a blast anyway. about 200 kids from 15 countries were there, plus about 50 senior advisers, a huge success and the speakers were beyond belief, Elder Schutze, area seventy and past temple pres, and seminary/institute teacher gave several workshops and one of the fireside speakers, a most amazing man, Each time I saw him he would ask me "is this the most correct way to say this phrase or word:" his English was really quite good.Then during his address at the fireside he was trying to say a word and asked me "is that the right way? I just nodded yes. Really was a very delightful man, and his wife was the sweetest lady you could imagine.

don't know if I will ever have quite another opportunity like this in my life, The conf. next year in is Romania, however Andziez Wentzel said if I wanted to be a part of that one, it could easily be arranged, I only would have to extend my mission a couple of weeks, It is always held the end of July. I really won't have a responsibility in that conference, just to be there with the Polish kids. who knows , that's a long way off. You cannot imagine the Spirit that prevailed throughout the entire conf. from each workshop and class and event and even the dances were so good. There should be some pictures on the conf. website. I think there is one with a lot of people with the yellow service vest on, the lady with her hand in the air is my comp. and you can just see the top of my head in the crowd, the white haired one. in a month or so there will be a lot of pictures available and I am in some of them, like the monster one in the treasure hunt. for what ever reason there wasn't a pic. of Master Yoda or Gandalf. those costumes really turned out pretty good, especially Yoda's green face. Elder Harding was called Elder Yoda the rest of the conf. just too cool.