Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 24th Email

I was told on Tuesday that I'm to be transferred to another place, it was to be tomorrow, but tomorrow I am going to Szczrek to a YSA planning meeting and could not really go 5 hours in the other direction. I just talked to Pres. Engbjerg and he said it would be a while longer as the one sister would be serving by herself and doesn't want to do the FHC by herself, so don't know what will happen except I will be here a bit longer and do not know even how long that will be. He wanted to know if I was ok with all that, and ok with serving in the other city, told him I would go where ever the Lord sent me, I was called to Poland not to a specific city.

Now you will never guess what we did yesterday on P day, went to Carmen the opera, all done in Italian with Polish subtitles, so I could neither understand nor read the script. It was absolutely wonderful, a little risque, director's choices, but still very good and wonderful staging. the orchestra was amazing and over the top excellent. you would have loved it.

love ya, MOM

Monday, March 15, 2010

March 13th Email

The class went really well. I only had one student on Thurs, a man about 30 or so, and we always start the class with a prayer. He did not understand the difference between pray and prayer so we talked a bit about one being a noun and the other a verb. He said it is different here because we believe in Jesus Christ and talk about Him, in his religion, Catholic, they go to church and then never talk about it. I told him he could ask the missionaries any question he wanted, however he said he did not know what to ask, he said he would listen to the presentation and then ask whatever he needed. The elders did a shortened 1st discussion and gave him a Joseph Smith pamphlet which he said he would read and have questions next week. Woohoo, his name is Robert and I cannot spell his last name. Okay so add Robert's name to your list and to the prayer roll.

March 11th Email

Today I will teach my first English class. I have the advanced class, that's because I speak the least amount of Polish and the class is entirely in English, hooray for me.

We now have a microwave here at the church. On Wed. Sister Kimball and I walked to the Galleria and bought what we thought was like a crock pot, cool pot,but not what we needed. carried that 15# pot about a mile and a half home and then about a 1/2 mile to the church the next day. Then the elders carried it back to the Galleria and we bought a microwave and they carried that back.

Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8th Email

Tomas Kofol did a fireside here on Friday after Zone Conference, him and his wife. they are both amazing people, I wrote you a letter and told you some of the things they talked about filming the Testament. They are both from Denmark and have adopted two children. that makes them special to me as well.

On Sunday Sister Kimball and I went "whiteboarding" in the Renik. (That is just walking up to people cold and inviting them to listen for a few minutes about the church, or just give them a flier with information on it.) Not many people were even interested and it was absolutely freezing cold about 8 degrees C. Only stayed out for about an hour and got to talk to maybe 6 people, then today I had to go to the post office and a young girl helped me with the postage, she spoke some English and I told her at our church we taught English lessons every Wed and would love for her to come and even bring her friends. she was very interested and gave me her name and phone # so the elders could call and give her the address. Woohoo!