Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 24th Email

I was told on Tuesday that I'm to be transferred to another place, it was to be tomorrow, but tomorrow I am going to Szczrek to a YSA planning meeting and could not really go 5 hours in the other direction. I just talked to Pres. Engbjerg and he said it would be a while longer as the one sister would be serving by herself and doesn't want to do the FHC by herself, so don't know what will happen except I will be here a bit longer and do not know even how long that will be. He wanted to know if I was ok with all that, and ok with serving in the other city, told him I would go where ever the Lord sent me, I was called to Poland not to a specific city.

Now you will never guess what we did yesterday on P day, went to Carmen the opera, all done in Italian with Polish subtitles, so I could neither understand nor read the script. It was absolutely wonderful, a little risque, director's choices, but still very good and wonderful staging. the orchestra was amazing and over the top excellent. you would have loved it.

love ya, MOM

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