Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8th Email

Tomas Kofol did a fireside here on Friday after Zone Conference, him and his wife. they are both amazing people, I wrote you a letter and told you some of the things they talked about filming the Testament. They are both from Denmark and have adopted two children. that makes them special to me as well.

On Sunday Sister Kimball and I went "whiteboarding" in the Renik. (That is just walking up to people cold and inviting them to listen for a few minutes about the church, or just give them a flier with information on it.) Not many people were even interested and it was absolutely freezing cold about 8 degrees C. Only stayed out for about an hour and got to talk to maybe 6 people, then today I had to go to the post office and a young girl helped me with the postage, she spoke some English and I told her at our church we taught English lessons every Wed and would love for her to come and even bring her friends. she was very interested and gave me her name and phone # so the elders could call and give her the address. Woohoo!

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