Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The adventure begins...

I traveled to Provo on Wednesday, January 20th - my birthday, with two of my daughters. We left a day early to beat a large winter storm that was set to hit Northern Arizona and Utah on Thursday. We made reservations to stay in St. George and discovered that the temple was located just a few blocks away from our hotel. So, Thursday morning we attended a session. It is a beautiful temple and we enjoyed spending time in the Celestial Room together. Italic
We continued on to Provo and stayed with my cousin, Marjorie, and her daughter, Zhara. (I truly enjoyed visiting with them and greatly appreciate their hospitality.) Since we had a few days before I had to report to the MTC, we decided to turn our little road trip into a temple trip. We attended the Provo temple on Friday morning. I loved the unique layout of the temple and enjoyed the gentle peace that prevailed throughout the temple.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Mt. Timpanogos temple. It is a gorgeous temple! After the session we drove around the temple and tried to absorb every detail.

Between our temple visits, my cousin Gwen would meet us at Marjorie and Zhara's home and we spent hours talking and laughing, reminiscing about old times and catching up. Sunday we attended church and my sister and her husband, along with Gwen, joined us at the house and we had a fantastic night of dinner and conversation. The house was filled with laughter and it was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday evening.

Monday morning, excited and scared, I reported to the MTC. After dropping off my luggage in my room, I hugged everyone goodbye and my new adventure began...

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