Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tenderizing an Easter Chick

Several days ago I received several packages from my girls with lots of Easter goodies and other things necessary to the ease life in Poland. Among all the goodies was a cute little yellow Easter chick. As I held him in my hand he chirped a very loud CHEEP. then nothing more. I turned him over and over looking for the button to make him cheep again then sat him on my hand to just look at him and heard a faint little cheep. I decided he was frightened about being in Poland and, not understanding the language, was afraid to talk again. So I just sat him on my desk and over the next several days gently massaged him looking for the button to make him talk, not a sound. I finally decided drastic measures were needed so I performed some minor surgery and remove his batteries, and then put them back, still not a sound; not even a tiny little cheep. Poor little frightened chick, very cute but can't say a word.

Then Wonder of wonders, my girls called and asked about the packages and did I like everything? Oh yes, I liked everything even the cute little chick that can't talk, I've done everything I can think of to encourage him to talk. "Um MOM", said Rachel, "just hold him in your hand and it will complete the circuit and he will talk, he has to be sitting on his feet." SO I did and he CHEEPED LONG AND LOUD!

I really think this little chick has been totally tenderized and is just happy to know he is loved.

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