Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 17th Email

interesting weather we're having here in Poland this spring, so far there has only been about 2 days with the temp over 60 C. and a comment was made it could be because of the ash from the volcano in Iceland , and it blew again just recently. what it is doing is delaying the planting season and then the growing season is shortened and then the harvest is less. just a vicious circle and then there is less food grown, bottom line is , make sure you have your food storage in, there are many ways food supply is effected. like flooding in New England last year and there was a shortage of pumpkin, and who knows what this will effect??? experts say there isn't enough ash in the air at this point to really matter, anyway just be aware.

here the work continues and is slow but good. there were 2 at FHE tonight and usually 3 in English and 4 or 5 in Institute and 3-5 in YSA..That's a good starting point but not enough yet. The branch president here is very excited about the program and announces every Sunday how much fun we have at the various meetings and encourages the kids to come. and we talk to tons of people when we go anywhere, usually ask if they speak any English and can help us with directions. and we invite them to english to improve their english,some come but most do not. but we'll keep trying and we do meet nice people.
Well keep the faith, and get your food storage in and be strong in the gospel and teach your children the same, and I LOVE YOU ALL BEYOND BELIEF,

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