Friday, June 11, 2010

June 8th Email

The mission conference was absolutely amazing. Elder Kerr(sounds like Care) was there for the Friday afternoon meeting and it was about an hour til lunch time, so when Elder Kerr got up there he said Pres Engbjerg told a little fib, do you know what a fib is, in our country we don't say someone told a lie, they told a fib. and Pres. Engbjerg told me a fib, he said you would rather listen to me than go to lunch, and I know that is a fib. Such a funny sense of humor, and such a command of the scriptures, I would indeed rather listen to him than go to lunch.
Then after lunch the video conferencing with Elder and Sister Hales was for the afternoon and evening conference. It was schedule to last only 75 minutes, but actually lasted nearly 2 hours and was wonderful. That's the first time video conferencing has been done in Poland through the church. To be taught by an apostle is truly an event and to hear him bear his testimony of the Saviour, the Prophet and the atonement in words no more eloquent than a child is truly amazing, There is no stronger testimony needed than to say" I know the Savior lives, I know Joseph Smith restored the gospel in the latter days and I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet for today. so with those simple words we can know our testimonies are as simple as a child's and as powerful as a prophet of God. I seriously love the Lord and love serving Him in Poland.
Then on Sat. we , all the senior missionaries and Pres. and Sister Emgbjerg went to visit the birthplace of Chopin and had a wonderful day of relaxation and visiting and picture taking. only somewhere along the way all my pictures on my card got erased and I have no clue how that even happened, so all I have now are about 15 at Chopin's and all the ones of the zone conference got erased/and all the ones I took on the way there from Warsaw, some of a stork's nest with 4 babies in it and the mama and papa taking turns on the nest. Hopefully I can get some pics of the nest. Then we had a picnic in the parking lot, no one had even heard of a tailgate party, is that just an Arizona thing? Now they know about it. All in all it was a wonderful weekend and we got home about 11:30 Sat. pm and then had church on sunday. Each fast sunday the branch president asks one of the auxillaries to sing for 15 minutes before Sacrament meeting and this time is was the missionaries. for that I could have stayed home. 4 elders and 2 sisters and we sounded quite BAD. no other words for it. I know I sound sad and Sister Marshall is just a bit better and I think the elders whispered. seriously was not a pretty sound or sight. Hopefully we won't have to do that again soon..

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