Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome Emails

Now that Mom is in Poland we are taking over her blog! We had not heard from Mom since she had left JFK airport however, we received the following emails with updates:

"YOUR MOTHER HAS ARRIVED IN POLAND SAFE AND SOUND..on Saturday! Right now she is still trying to get into her accounts to send you all an email. She is not having any success so far. She is now in Wrocław, Poland with S. Kimball (senior sister) and S. Kocaj (younger sister). We are happy to have her in Poland with us.

Have a good day.

Sister Thueson
Mission Recorder
Poland Warsaw Mission"


"S. Austin has had a terrible time trying to get into her email accts which is really strange. She even tried at the mission home on the day she arrived without success. I think she was going to try today at the Family History Center.
She is now is a beautiful part of Poland. In fact, most of Poland is beautiful and many of the cities have been around for centuries. Polish history is quite fascinating and in spite of everything and having had Warsaw and other cities totally leveled during WW II, they have already rebuilt most of the cities. They are a rescilient people….but…to be Polish is to be Catholic and that makes it a bit hard for missionary work.

Your Mother is doing well and “hit the ground running” and she is in good hands. Don’t need to worry. Thanks for your help and have a great day. We are 8 hours ahead of you.
Sister Thueson"

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