Monday, February 7, 2011

Crafting, Wedding, Teaching & Quilting

from email sent February 6, 2011:

this week has been interesting, mostly working on the quiet book activity, shopping for stuff and making kits, on Sat. there were 22 sisters and one man, Swavek,
and also there is a wedding on Sat. Rafael and Agnieska, and we are doing the luncheon after the ceremony,for 90 people. In Poland all marriages have to be performed by the state first, then the couple can have a church wedding or whatever, so first we will go to the building were the official ceremony will be done by the state, then the luncheon, then the bride and groom go to dinner with the immediate family, then a party for all that evening, like a reception. Also in Poland , people don't have to wait a year to go to the temple, so they are going in April, Agnieska will be a member a year the end of Feb. Rafael has been a member for quite a while, don't know for sure how long.

Also had the opportunity to go with the sisters and teach Wong Dak again, interesting teaching when the investigators have absolutely no knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ. He had two friends there as well, all are Buddhist so we had a very interesting conversation..

Sister Briggs and I are doing a quilt,for a wedding present and we tied it off last night , and today I made pillow shams to match ,Interesting way to quilt here,no quilt stands, so we pinned it to the carpet on the floor, pretty tough getting up after sitting on the floor or on our knees to tie it off. but got it done is just a couple of hours, not bad for two old ladies.

Also had a baptism on Sat. after the activity

pictures include:
quilting on the floor
quiet book activity
apt in Warsaw, huge buildings and tramvie

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