Monday, January 31, 2011

Crazy Driver!

from email sent January 31, 2011:

will be home in about 6 months, however I still have tons of work here and tons to do.

Polish people are so amazing, wonderful and in some can see the value of some of those Polish jokes. some of these people seriously need an attitude adjustment. mostly the tramvie and autobus drivers, I think they for the most part are aspiring race car drivers or demolition derby drivers. and rude beyond belief, their favorite past-time is to watch an elderly person run across the street to catch the tram, then take off just as they get to the door, I am amazed there are not more fatalities than there are, and there is usually at least two or more a month. drivers just taking off with people not even fully on the tram. seriously (gwupi drivers) stupid, but just have to be careful and pay attention. My favorite statement is that "I was blessed to be kept from harm's way, not stupid's, so pay attention."

so love love love ya and today is a real P day, first one this year, so I think we are going to Adam's Ties and don't know what else, probably out to lunch somewhere. Sister Sheets is here from Wroclaw, so the three of us are having a great time. do widzinia, MOM

ps, on Sat. went to the renik and bought some fun kids toys and had an interesting lunch, will attach a couple of pics, one of my lunch and one of me seriously impressed with the presentation, but it was good.

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