Monday, January 31, 2011

Polish Christmas Traditions

From email sent November 29, 2010:

On the nite of Dec. 5, the kids put their shoe by the window so Santa can put candies in them. then on the 25 they celebrate regular Christmas day with big dinner,12 dishes , but don't know what each dish is. one is borst, a red soup, several meat dishes and don't know what else, and an empty place is set in case a stranger comes in, I think that's from the Jewish custom of setting a place for Elijah and leaving the door open a bit. he would be a wecome guest.

another tradition is on Christmas day the family sits in a large area and the head of the family gives everyone a wafer, like the ones Catholics use for sacrament, and each person goes around the circle and gives a piece of the wafer to each person and wishes them luck or happiness or something good to happen in the coming year.

also the tree is decorated on Christmas eve by the older children and adults. with lights and whatever they choose, usually a real tree and stays up til the needles literally fall off. and the last was, there's lots of eating and drinking.

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