Monday, January 31, 2011

Classes, Travelling and a Birthday Party

From email sent September 19, 2010:

jak sie masz?( how are you?)the class went well, we reviewed reading a pattern envelope and the guide sheet and how to make t shirts. Sister Zan said to thank you so much for sending them, seriously the Burda patterns are a joke however there is a place on line like ebay one can purchase patterns very similar to American ones, only have to have an account and I don't know how to see the catalog, perhaps on line as well. who knows, I just really appreciate you sending those. one set is left in Wroclaw for that branch and the sisters will trace off the sizes they want and not cut the patterns, hopefully that is the way it will be done.
So on tuesday we leave for Warsaw and the senior outing and then the plan is to go to Morlbork, the largest standing castle in Europe and be there for two days and come home and then Sept. is nearly over, time is flying by so fast. amazing.

But don't know how I will deal with Christmas, this will be a first ever to be alone, well not alone there are other missionaries here and will probably have them for dinner , it's a three day event and we've already been invited to Andziej and Alicja's for one day and the 26th is Andziej's birthday and he said we had to bring him a present , even if it's just a sucker and wrap it in BIRTHDAY PAPER. they are fun kids and they are kids, he is 23 and she is 26, and they have huge responsibilities in the church, he is 2nd counselor in the mission presidenct and she is the RS pres and institute teacher and also teaches Sunday School on Sunday a month, Andziej is traveling most of the weekends visiting other branches, that's a lot for kids that young, but they do well. Oh and his favorite pasttime now is Books and Runs, even if we just have 15 minutes, it's " shuffle those cards and lets do a hand and save the score til we can play again, and Alicij's favorite thing is to beat him in cards, rarely happens and she saved the last score sheet and is going to frame it and display it, funny kids.

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