Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baptisms and Blessed like the Sons of Mosiah

From Email sent march 26, 2011:

Good day today in Katowice: two young men baptized this afternoon. Had part of the service at the church, then got on the tramwie to the public swimming pool and baptized there, then back to the church for the rest of the meeting. Tons of people there, hooray!

Then had a meeting with President Pawlik and Darota, she is the YSA president. President Pawlik doesn't like the idea of me walking home at night, so I have one week to find a husband or he will send prospects. Told him no thank you, that I was blessed like the sons of Mosiah to be kept from harms way and that's good enough for now. Elder Neiman told President Pawlik I was no person to be messed with, I had raised sons well over 6 ft tall and they would take care of me. He is totally impressed with the size of the boys, he saw their picture.

I told them I also think couples should be in the centers, for many reasons, however I am all that is available for now. Maybe some more couples will come, but I'm it for now and will do my best.

love love love ya,

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