Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Package from Home

From Email sent March 21, 2011:

I got the package today from the postman. He was walking up to the apartment building the same time I was and I saw the American postal tape and the picture on the bottom and just knew it was from you, woohoo and it was. Thank you for all the goodies, I love everything, took the container of mints to P day cleaning the church day and had a blast, all the missionaries really liked the goodies, except for the peppermint patties, they don't know about them, wonder why??? :)

Thank you for everything and the timing was perfect. Thank you for the ensigns as well, I will definitely enjoy them and will share them with the Elders and Sisters in Katowice pronounced like, katovitsa, or usually just called Kato. I leave here about 7am Wednesday, Elder and Sister Harding are me down(hurray!), I really did not want to go on the train, so will be able to take all my stuff with me at once.

I love the socks, for St. Patty's day I cut a clover out of felt and wore it on my badge, then had to cut a bunch more for the elders and sisters. I do enjoy serving with these young Elders and Sisters. So now they are playing Books & Runs here in Warszawa and will have to teach the ones in Kato, down to my last two decks of cards, but that should be good and I'll leave them with the Elders in Kato.

Well it's late and I'm done in, nearly through packing but gotta get to bed. love you all and thank you again!

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