Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fast Sunday and General Conference

From Email sent April 2, 2011:

It is Conference Sunday and also Fast Sunday over here in Poland. We get the conference addresses about 8 hours after the event and will watch the sessions throughtout the coming week. However it is Fast Sunday as well and I am directing my fast to each of you. You all do so much for me and I am grateful and I know each of you have huge challenges to face in the coming days and weeks, and have been facing in the last few months. I wish I could help each of you in each challenge but cannot but I can direct this fast to you and ask additional blessings from the Lord in your behalf. I know that through fasting and prayer the Lord will increase your strength to face and overcome challenges.

I have seen His power as I have served here in Poland, the language is so difficult, and I wasn't blessed to be able to speak the language, however the Lord puts in my path people, both missionaries and Polish people, who are patient with me and help me with the language and whatever I need. I do know some language, just enough to usually get me in trouble, but someone always bails me out. I love you kids beyond belief and miss you all so much, I look forward to either seeing you here in July or there in August. Woohoo! The time is going fast and I still have a few things I need to do. so I'm not getting trunky YET.

Love ya,

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